Some above ground graves with some dynamic colored lighting.
Showing off the multi-colored torches underground at night.
Renden - A game about adventuring, crafting, building, exploring, digging, chopping, and anything else you can imagine in an immersive 3D world!

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Renden is a game about adventure, leveling, exploration, building, and crafting in a unique fantasy setting. The game has been in development for six months and is the culmination of more than a year's worth of a design and planning. The game will be a 3D RPG, with Sandbox and Crafting elements.Think Castlevania: SOTN meets Old School RPG / Telnet MUD and Terraria crammed into a 3D world in a 2D side-scroller with a custom RPG system. (phew!)

  • Normal and Chaos worlds to explore, each with unique resources, monsters, and crafting.
  • Elemental Realms: In addition to the Chaos world, you can open pocket realms to any of the six elemental magic realms, Fire, Water, Earth, Air, Life, and Death. These operate similar to how the instanced dungeons work, you craft a key and a portal can be opened, these can be returned to, finished, and new portals can be made start fresh.
  • Classless system: Abilities are based off your choices from a varied skill tree.
  • Abilty Based Attack System: Fireball and using a Sword? Flaming Sword! Iceblast and a Bow? Ice Arrows!
  • Instanced dungeons and pocket realms means players can spawn new dungeons and realms at any time, meaning infinite replay-ability!
  • Diverse Biomes: Mountains, Forests, Deserts, Plains, Swamps, and many more!
  • Fully destructible world, with multiple world sizes and custom seed generation (share maps with your friends!)
  • Structure building: Player housing, outposts, etc
  • Item crafting: Unique system that makes use of all tiers of materials. Unique upgrade system, items enhancements and more.